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When you have an accident that causes damage to your vehicle, your insurance company will usually provide an estimate of the repairs; however, you can get additional estimates if you don't agree with the insurance company's estimate. (If, for example, the insurance adjuster recommends replacement parts that are not original manufacturer parts.) We are happy to provide free estimates.


Select a Premier Body Shop in Nashville and the Surrounding Area

You can select any paint and body shop of your choosing to handle your repairs, and your insurer must work with that shop. In Tennessee, it is illegal for an insurance company to steer you to a specific paint and body shop to do your repairs. It is in your best interest to find a body shop you can depend on—one that has a good reputation and has been in business for a long time. You'll find that Madison Paint and Body fits that description.


Our Body Shop in Madison TN Is Approved by All Major Insurance Companies

We work with all major insurance companies. Just bring in the estimate from your insurance adjuster, and we'll do the rest.


We Accept Cash or Credit Card for Your Deductible

When the repair is complete, just bring in your insurance check when you pick up the car. If there is a deductible amount that you need to pay above the insurance check, we will accept your personal check, Mastercard, or Visa.


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